Welcome to Alpha Career Institute!

We are a Healthcare Training Institute located in Arlington, Texas
that specializes in preparing people for a career in Healthcare
with courses in Nurse's Aide, Phlebotomy Technician,
Medication Aide, Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician


Our classes are fast paced and small with an emphasis on the student, 
We believe that our job is not done until every student in our classes
understands the material and can teach it to other people


With a focus on the Adult student who knows what they want and has a job to go to,
we make sure each class is worth your while


Let Alpha Career Institute be the beginning of something new in your life


We offer hands-on training with experienced instructors, 
and flexible schedules to fit your busy working life


It does not matter what course you are interested in

We are here to help you and are delighted to work with you.

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You can Call 817-274-3733 or 

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You can enroll today in the following


Nurse Aide $1090 Special Price of $699 for a limited time


Medication Aide $695


Phlebotomy Technician $1200


Patient Care Technician $2995


Medical Assistant $6995


Alpha Career Institute, LLC. Is approved by Texas Department of Aging
Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools.


Certification requirements for the Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant and
Patient Care Technician Programs are through a national certification body:
National Healthcare Association.

Press Release


The staff was wonderful. Answered all of my questions and was very helpful. Going to school here was also helpful with me in job placement....


Our Core Programs

Nurse Aide Training

Our training includes in-class instruction, laboratory hours and hands-on training in a nursing home, which prepares you for an entry level position as a CNA.


NCLEX-RN review exposes how to crack-the-code of your NCLEX-RN exam questions. See how NCLEX-RN preparation Coaching guarantees you pass the NCLEX exam now.

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